Woody Fox Is Next TOP TO BOTTOM (Fucked by Paul Walker)

MEN.COM just announced the latest entry in the popular porn series TOP TO BOTTOM. The latest top who gets his butt fucked for the first time on camera this time is Aussie porn stud Woody Fox.

You and I have watched Woody topped so many porn stars such as Gabriel Clark, Marco Sessions, Kayden Gray, Donnie Dean, Lucas Davidson, Angelo Marconi, etc.

Now it’s Woody’s turn to bottom. The lucky guy who tops Wood is this scene is Paul Walker. Check out these XXX preview photos from this scene Top To Bottom 7: Paul Walker fucks Woody Fox below.



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  1. andrew says

    Say it isn’t so! One of my main Top guys fantasies gives it up. I like that most guys in gay porn are versatile, but I like a few of them to be total Tops.

  2. fran says

    woooa It´s a big surprise, I thought that this month wouldn´t have top to bottom. I had wished that the scene Topher´s as bottom had been like this.

  3. manu says

    I really hope all of these top to bottom guys become REGULAR bottoms! AT least 2-3 times a year would be great. Come on…:) So far only paddy O’Brian has done a follow-up!
    STill hoping for Zeb next month :)

  4. Vabballfan says

    Actually Paddy O’Brian was not the first to bottom more than once. Paul Walker (who tops Woody Fox) was original top only but he bottomed and has done so a number of times.

  5. sxg says

    Wait, Paddy’s bottomed again? I thought he did that one and that’s it?

    Well Liam Magnuson bottomed one other time, and I believe that is it for him since he retired. He did mention he has 3 scenes left, and sadly I highly doubt he’ll be bottoming in them. What a shame too, because it’s miserable watching him top, but so heavenly seeing him get plowed :)

  6. alex says

    Tony Paradise bottomed again after his T2B (the first and best, IMHO) — before disappearing, sadly.

    Never heard of Woody and can’t say his bottoming debut will get me to renew my sub. But overall, I’m still happy with the series. At least 3 of the guys were in my top 5 of guys I wanted to see fucked.

    Still holding out hope for Tom Wolfe, Alexsander Freitas and Jack King.

    But I do want to see the guys from T2B mix it up more.

  7. fran says

    He has been working in Falcon Studios and others studios just you have to search in the web. I like to watch him as bottom and he do a good job better than Topher.

  8. Scott says

    You guys are for real? You read QMN and don’t know who Woody Fox is? He’s gotta be the hottest Aussie star of all time – well maybe not all time – but he’s hot and he’s been around for awhile.

  9. grogi says

    I think the people who say they have never heard of him are throwing shade ( no surprise there), there have been lengthy articles about him here, on WB and MHD. he does look very different when he has a beard but come on 😉 He’s really hot, I’m glad to see him bottoming now.

  10. trex says

    Hard to believe so many guys who supposedly read this blog don’t know who Woody Fox is??? Glad to see him bottom, but Paul Walker is such an awful choice to be the top. Why pick a top who refuses to suck his partner’s cock?

  11. bimyself1 says

    I’m mad none of the things in these pics ever happened. I hate when studios do that, when the promo pics are better than the actual film.

  12. sxg says

    I honestly have seen the name woody fox, but I guess he just wasn’t interesting enough to me that I had to actually remember a damn thing about him.

    And Hottest Aussie of all time? lol nope. For porn stars I would totally choose Mathew Mason and Rogan Richards for that award!

  13. dvlaries says

    bimyself1 @ 1:04 I know what you mean. There is actually no doggie style in the clip itself. Technically Fox bottomed but I still haven’t seen what I want yet.

  14. Steve says

    This may also be the most *sensual* T2B yet. As much as I love a good, hard pounding scene, sometimes the soft, sensual sex can be amazingly hot. Love it.

  15. jackHAMMER says

    2 those who have not heard of Woody Fox U really need 2 get out more LOL !!! I wish Paddy had been the one 2 penetrate Woody GORGEOUS ass 4 the first time ( as far as I know ) because Paul in my opinion just does not bring the same excitement as a top that Paddy does !

  16. jackHAMMER says

    QMN R U guys on GMT ( greenwich mean time ) because I posted my above comments at 4:45 and yet your time saids 9:45 :

  17. bucko0710 says

    OMG! This looks totally awesome! Woody getting fucked? hell yeah!! can hardly wait to see this. Love that Paul is the top but it would have been hotter to see Kayden Grey as the one to deflower Woody as they were paired together in a Michael Lucas video…that was hot as well. And am in agreement with Levine about Bo Dean & Zeb being next…grrrr!

  18. alex says

    Well, I definitey never heard of Woody. Honestly, I only read the QMN articles that interest me — due to a photo or a name of a guy I like. There’s nothing wrong with Woody, but his image would not get me to click on an article. Different strokes…

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