Behind The Scenes with Jake Genesis, Jay Roberts, Mike Colucci, Alex Marte, Leo Domenico, Benjamin Godfre, Rogan Richards

Thanks to Twitter and Instagram, it’s now easy to keep tracks of my favorite porn stars and the porn studios they are working with. Today I compile pictures Jake Genesis, Jay Roberts, Christian Wilde, Leo Domenico, Benjamin Godfre and many shared on their Twitter from their latest porn shoots!

Check out some hot behind the scenes pictures from the set of NAKED SWORD, MEN.COM, FALCON STUDIOS, EUROCREME and TIM TALES.

Two sexy gay porn stars, NakedSword exclusive Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis just finished shooting a scene for NAKEDSWORD.COM upcoming movie directed by Mr. Pam. Check out bigger pictures on The Sword.


Some hot behind the scenes pictures from Eurocreme upcoming orgy scene with JP Dubois, Billy Rubens, and hottie Leo Domenico!


Jay Roberts, one of the busiest gay porn star on the planet just finished a scene with bubble butt bottom Mike Colucci! I can’t wait to see this one, it’s gonna be hot! You can follow Jay’s porn journey on his blog and Twitter. And there are some behind the scenes from the set of MEN.COM with porn stars Alex Marte, Spencer Reed, Diesel O’Green, and Rogan Richards.



Falcon Studios: “@benjamingodfre just finished shooting a scene for BENJAMINGODFRE.COM and the final scene for his first DVD and HE WASN’T ALONE!

Benjamin Godfre: “Directing porn is fun! You should try it sometime ;-)”


Some behind the scenes pictures from Tim Kruger with Diego & Wagner, Diesel O’Green and Abel Pozsar. And Tim is now in NYC and just shot a scene with Antonio Biaggi.



  1. manu says

    Looking forward to these new Alex Marte scenes 😀 Love this guy , but I’m wondering :
    Is @alexmartexxx on twitter the real one? I read his tweets they are strange!! He asks people to send him penis pictures and to fuck him for free , with links to tube sites and pictures who have nothing to do with ALex Marte…o_O It could be a fake

  2. Lein says

    Very nice: Mike Colucci, Wagner and Diego, and I feel so out of the loop not knowing who Diesel O’Green and Abel Pozsar are… but they look like they’ll be quite nice in their upcoming vids :-)))

  3. sxg says

    Mike Colucci is hot! So are Wagner and Diego definitely one beautiful couple. Agree Anderson that Alex always has a drunk face but he is still hot with it and that body is incredible!

    And more than likely neither Kreuger or Biaggi bottomed, but if one of them did then it’s definitely Kreuger.

  4. manu says

    You guys need to get a grip . Having your eyes half closed on a photo is not “drunk face.
    Alex Marte is perfect from head to toe and beyond 😉

  5. MarcoManuel says

    Its true that Alex kind of look like he is on something.Even when he speaks,he does look drunk sometimes.

    It could be because english is not his first language.He barely speaks english.So,it can make him look clueless.People who english is not the first language can look and sound funny sometimes.Because they struggle to speak english.So,they end up looking weird.

    But,it doesnt mean Alex is drunk.Dont judge a book by its cover.This is just the way he looks.

    Its nice that Alex is hot and gay.

    Hot men in gay porn often happens to be gay for pay.Its nice to see hot gay men.

    Gay porn shows hot gay for pay men,way too much.Sometimes it looks like gay porn implies that straight men are hotter than gay men.Because theres so much hot gay for pay men in gay porn.

    Which means that gay for real men are in the shadow of gay for pay men.

    Gay porn really should start to focus on gay men more and show more hot gay men.

  6. says

    I remember something Kevin Crows said when he was asked if he was gay or straight. He said: “I’m as straight as you can be with a dick in your mouth.” Some people keep going on and on about g4p. Once a straight guy starts sucking cock and taking it up the ass, I don’t care what they say, but they sure aren’t straight. If you think someone like Rod Daily is straight, you’re seriously confused.

  7. andrew says

    Rod Daily himself has said, numerous times, that he is not completely straight. Human sexuality is a very complex matter. People may be straight, mostly straight, kinda straight, not so straight, kinda gay, mostly gay or gay. If they are doing good gay sex scenes, who cares where they are on the sexual continuum.

  8. sxg says

    Andrew Rod Daily advertised himself as straight/g4p when he first started. Since being in the industry his sexually has opened up and he even says it’s impossible to be completely straight while having any form of intercourse with another guy. He definitely leans more towards bisexual now, but I’d like to see him be completely gay and in a relationship with another guy. He looks like he would make a great and entertaining boyfriend.

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