Steve Grand: Nude Photos, Posing with Benjamin Godfre & Doc Tay Tay (Fratmen Taylor) Does “All-American Boy Jerks Off”

Within one week, Steve Grand‘s music video “All-American Boy” starring former Fratmen Taylor has become a Youtube hit with more that a million views. Along with it, of course, his sexy / nude modeling photos surface everywhere. This guy has more modeling names than some Eastern European porn stars 😛 Steve Grand is also known for Steve Chatham, Finn Diesel aka Steve Starchild.

It turns out that Fratmen Taylor was not the only porn model Steve used to work with. Check out some sexy photos of Steve Grand and former Falcon porn model Benjamin Godfre below.

Steve’s love interest in “All American Boy” music video, Fratmen Taylor, who now goes by the name “Doc Tay Tay” has just done a jerk off webcam show on GAYHOOPLA.COM and he calls the video (of course) “All-American Boy Jerks Off.”


Oh My Godfre – Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre

Benjamin Godfre has recently relaunched his website BENJAMINGORFRE.COM. And he started off the new website with the sexy black and white nude images of himself and Big Brother 5 contestant Will Wikle (I think it would be hotter if he had taken nude photos with his bro Simon Dexter)

Falcon Studios also released the first scene, Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre, from OH MY GODFRE (Watch preview trailer here).


Watch Benjamin Godfre Skateboarding Naked, Directing Paddy O’Brian and Jerking Off with Shawn Wolfe in OH MY GODFRE

OH MY GODFRE, the DVD directed by and starring Benjamin Godfre, is now available.

Fashion model Benjamin Godfre has been working the camera since the late ’90s, specializing in swimwear, underwear and clothing to show off his slim and sexy body. Now his career adds a triple-X dimension, completing his special collaboration with Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios.

Check out the XXX movie trailer below, it shows Benjamin Godfre skateboarding around Castro in San Francisco naked, directing British porn star Paddy O’Brian and jerking off with Shawn Wolfe.


Falcon Update: Watch Dripping Wet 4 XXX Trailer and The Cover of Benjamin Godfre’s First Porn Movie “OH MY GODFRE”

Check out this XXX trailer of Falcon Studios’ new movie DRIPPING WET 4 below. Porn star Cal Skye looks great on the cover and the movie also stars Paddy O’Brian, Bobby Hart, Christopher Daniels, Dean Monroe, Johnny Ryder, Ray Diaz and Woody Fox.

The first scene, Falcon exclusive model Ray Diaz gets fucked by Woody Fox is now available to watch online at FALCON STUDIOS website.

And fans of Benjamin Godfre (He announced his porn collaboration with Falcon / Raging Stallion last July) will be able to watch his very first porn movie called Oh My Godfre next month. Check out the cover below, this movie also includes the scene between Benjamin Godfre and Shawn Wolfe (Too bad it doesn’t have scene between Benjamin and his bro Simon Dexter).


Benjamin Godfre Jerks off with Shawn Wolfe in Dirty Director

Last month I posted some behind the scenes pictures from the porn project Benjamin Godfre was working on with Raging Stallion / Falcon Studios and his own site BENJAMINGODFRE.COM.

Today, Godfre just posted a sexy preview video of this scene called “Dirty Director” on his blog. The scene features Benjamin Godfre and newcomer Shawn Wolfe. This is the first time I saw Benjamin Godfre in a scene with another guy since Falcon announced the collaboration with him last July.

Shawn Wolfe is another sexy porn newcomer to keep an eye on. Thanks to TJ, one of my readers, who reminded me that Shawn did one solo video for Sean Cody under the name Drew 3 years ago. And don’t forget to follow Shawn Wolfe on Twitter, he loves to share sexy pictures of himself including some behind the scenes pics from his recent shoots with Falcon / Raging Stallion.


Falcon / Raging Stallion Update: Shooting Porn with Benjamin Godfre, Shawn Wolfe & Heading To Spain To Make Porn Movies

Yesterday, I posted a couple of blurry behind the scenes pictures from the set of Falcon Studios where Benjamin Godfre just finished shooting a scene. Well, today I found one more blurry picture from that shoot, but it reveals that Benjamin was working with this new porn model named Shawn Wolfe (@ShawnWolfeXXX).

Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion just made this announcement on Twitter:

The Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion production team is heading to Spain to make some hot movies

Does this mean Falcon is planing to revive its Falcon International line? Which porn stars will they work with in Spain? I hope they will shoot scenes with Diego & Wagner, Damien Crosse, Marco Sessions, Mike Colucci, Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo, David Dirdam, Abel Pozsar, Tomy Hawk, Goran, the list goes on and on :-)


Behind The Scenes with Jake Genesis, Jay Roberts, Mike Colucci, Alex Marte, Leo Domenico, Benjamin Godfre, Rogan Richards

Thanks to Twitter and Instagram, it’s now easy to keep tracks of my favorite porn stars and the porn studios they are working with. Today I compile pictures Jake Genesis, Jay Roberts, Christian Wilde, Leo Domenico, Benjamin Godfre and many shared on their Twitter from their latest porn shoots!

Check out some hot behind the scenes pictures from the set of NAKED SWORD, MEN.COM, FALCON STUDIOS, EUROCREME and TIM TALES.


“Bromance” with Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter (Harley)

In my previous update, I posted some candid pictures of Paddy O’Brian, Marcus Ruhl, Alex Graham, Jessy Ares and Chris Tyler in San Francisco working with Falcon Studios. They pack many hot gay porn stars in one place and it’s gonna get even hotter in SF because it looks like Benjamin Godfre is joining them!

Earlier this month, I broke the news that fashion model Benjamin Godfre is shooting porn with Falcon. You can read more about Godfre / Falcon collaboration here. And he just posted this message on his blog:

I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow and directing a super hot scene with Falcon Studios! Simon Dexter is going to watch my house while I’m gone!

Well, it’s a good news that Benjamin Godfre is about to join the hot porn stars in SF but it would be nicer if he would bring Simon Dexter aka former Sean Cody model Harley with him 😉

Below: Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter share some pictures of their “bromantic” moments on Twitter @benjamingodfre and @simondexter.


Falcon Studios Announces Collaboration with Benjamin Godfre & Watch Him Jerks Off in XXX Teaser Trailer “Erotic Photo Shoot”

I broke the news on Saturday that fashion model Benjamin Godfre has shot a porn video with Falcon. Thanks to my eagle-eyed reader.

Today, I received this official press release from Falcon Studios. So I have some new info for you.

Godfre has shot two solo scenes with Falcon Studios, which will be part of a five-scene solo DVD collaboratively directed by Godfre under the mentorship of the studios world-class directors and slated for released later this Fall.

And now you can watch Benjamin Godfre jerks off in the XXX preview of the video called Erotic Photo Shoot in this special Falcon landing page that has been created for gay porn fans!


BENJAMIN GODFRE – From Fashion Model To Falcon Porn Star!

Thank you so much xXxHomo, one of my eagle-eyed readers who pointed me to this amazing news. It must be a wet dream comes true of so many gay men.

Popular male fashion model Benjamin Godfre just shot a jerk off video with Falcon Studios!

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You can join a member section on his website BENJAMINGODFRE.COM called “Inner Sanctum” for preview.