“Bromance” with Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter (Harley)

In my previous update, I posted some candid pictures of Paddy O’Brian, Marcus Ruhl, Alex Graham, Jessy Ares and Chris Tyler in San Francisco working with Falcon Studios. They pack many hot gay porn stars in one place and it’s gonna get even hotter in SF because it looks like Benjamin Godfre is joining them!

Earlier this month, I broke the news that fashion model Benjamin Godfre is shooting porn with Falcon. You can read more about Godfre / Falcon collaboration here. And he just posted this message on his blog:

I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow and directing a super hot scene with Falcon Studios! Simon Dexter is going to watch my house while I’m gone!

Well, it’s a good news that Benjamin Godfre is about to join the hot porn stars in SF but it would be nicer if he would bring Simon Dexter aka former Sean Cody model Harley with him 😉

Below: Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter share some pictures of their “bromantic” moments on Twitter @benjamingodfre and @simondexter.

Who’s the top and who’s the bottom? J/K 😉


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Sean Cody muscle model Matt fucks Harley

+ Simon Dexter (Sean Cody Model Harley)

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  1. T. says

    I dreamed a dream that simon “harley” dexter would be my power top and we would live happily ever after. =P

  2. T. says

    @anderson I don’t think I’ve ever been more sure of anything else in my life. I’ll bet they’re like Austin and Zane, two “straight” friends living together and having a little fun together – and by fun I mean flip-fucks all day long.

  3. says

    El ex Sean Cody “HARLEY”, habia anunciado su retiro del porno gay, exhibiendo fotos con su novia actriz porno. Y no olvidemos que tuvo problemas con la justicia tambien…
    En definitiva todos vuelven a l actuaciòn. Indudablemente el porno gay paga bien.

  4. Brad says

    I can imagine that the conversation between them goes something like:
    Ben: So what’s it like bottoming?
    Simon: Much more fun than you’d imagine. And the extra cash is useful.

    I have also seen pictures of Ben with Todd Sanfield (another bromance perhaps?). Now there is someone whose jerk off scene I’d be happy to pay money for… :-)

    And I wonder what Mr Godfre has in his house which he needs Simon to guard?!?!?

  5. charlie_jack says

    All these straight guys fucking each other in the name of bromance!!!! Simon Dexter is still so hot tho

  6. Broko says

    So bizarre when you think about I’m imagining my friends shacking up and us being straight porn stars and talking about eating pussy and screwing girls. That is just something I couldn’t imagine

  7. gnormie says

    Six degrees of seperation.

    Simon used to be buddies with fellow Sean Cody model Jason Andrews. Jason Andrews and a girl named Amanda Logue from my hometown killed a skeevy tattoo artist in Florida. My mother used to babysit Logue and her husband’s children. My mother became obsessed with the case and was trying to dig up information on it for months…I didn’t have the heart to tell her I jacked off to Amanda Logue’s boyfriends gay porn movies.

  8. BLACKjack says

    I still love Harley ( looks as hot as ever ) and yes I think they bromance that includes taken it up the ass !!!

  9. manu says

    ha gnormie, sounds like a cute situation 😐
    Who invented the word “bromance” ?? It’s so annoying !

  10. Chris says

    They’re not dating, and they’re not fucking each other. Simon Dexter’s been dating a tranny for a few years now (she put on blast for being a huge liar but they’re back together again) and Godfre is just another gay for payer. But keep on with the fantasy boys.

  11. manu says

    Chris we don’t really know what BEnjamin’s orientation is , he is “turned on by intellligence” lol I can just imagine him jerking off to quantum physics books…

  12. SpamAlot says

    I am just not getting the lovefest over godfre but then again porn addicts tend not to be too choosy…

  13. Ben says

    I’m so confused. What is this post even about? Two straight guys who do gay porn and you’re taking a poll to find out what we would think if they were gay? Oh stop already!

  14. JaRules says

    I bet good money that Godfre and Dexter are more then just in a bromance. This is full on friends with benz y’all. believe it.

  15. TwoCities says

    Who do they think they’re fooling? Photos with their shirts off….Simons eaten ass, taken and given dick…now Godfre’s doing porn too? There’s just no way that they’re just platonic friends.

  16. Misumu says

    Just remember over the past few decades every male celeb/pornstar we thought was gay turned out to be. . . well gay. I have had some very hot straight friends, and for extra cash they got an extra job. If gay porn paid so well, why do they strip and serve as rent boys? I will accept Bi as an answer, for being paid sit on a guy’s cock, but they whole gay for pay line is such bullshit.

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