Bottom Boys Brett Swanson and Etienne Pauliac Bang Girls

Dudetube discovered this straight porn clip featuring Randy Blue model Brett Swanson (he was called Dylan on Corbin Fisher) fucking a girl in a dorm room. Brett Swanson bottoms in most of Randy Blue’s and Corbin Fisher’s videos (I think he topped at CF once). I thought he’s gay, obviously I’m wrong.

Is he joining those former bottom gay porn stars like Etienne Pauliac, TJ Cummings and Kevin Falk to straight porn?

Speaking of ex-Bel Ami model Etienne Pauliac, I’ve posted a picture of him doing straight porn before but I just found some video clips of him fucking his girlfriend, porn star Nessa Devil. I think he still looks SO HOT! Actually I like his hair style now than in his gay porn videos. He’s still one of the hottest Bel Ami models for me.

+ Watch Brett Swanson’s Gay Porn Videos

+ Watch Etienne Pauliac’s Gay Porn Videos

+ More Sex Videos of Etienne Pauliac and his girlfriend Nessa Devil

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  1. Res says

    The first guy’s dick doesn’t even stay hard. Stay a bottom, kid. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the last boys. I just hope when I find a guy he doesn’t pull this shit, or I will literally kill him. That’s all.

  2. C says

    Really? This is not news. When he started st Corbin Fisher he did a straight scene before doing gay scenes. The Daredorm was almost a year ago. BTW does it matter? In all his scenes he performs and does everything…WELL!

  3. Hugh Merme says

    I guess it’s logical for them to bottom if they’re straight, since there’s no expectation to keep a constant hard-on.

    @abc – is Tommy Defendi gay? I’ve only seen a couple straight scenes with gay actors (Arpad Miklos, Jason Ridge, Jack Wrangler) but every time it seems they have no problem getting spectacular hard-ons and giving camera-worthy head. Too bad the same can’t be said for straight guys who cross the divide.

  4. Kurt says

    Sharon Mitchell said that when she did scenes with veteran guys, she might as well have been a hole in the wall. That goes double for pornstars who escort – they have to be able to fuck anything.

  5. Will says

    They have sex with guys — for money. They have sex with women, and are also getting paid. Maybe who they are doing in any given scene has nothing to do with preference and everything to do with paying the rent.

  6. Bradster says

    Brett/Dylan is more feminine than the girl(s) he banged, so I have a bit of trouble believing that he’s straight.

  7. brian says

    They can fuck girls (everyone can do it), BUT the truth is THEY LOVE A HARD DICK IN THEIR ASS.
    That’s what matters.

  8. curve says

    I don’t mind straight porn sometimes. What I don’t like is how some stars think that since they are having sex with a woman a condom is not needed. Beacuse woman don’t seem to carry any diseases right?

  9. Hugh Merme says

    @Kurt – true, kinda makes discussing their sexuality moot. unless they tell you personally, you’re pretty much just assuming/projecting.

    @curve – you should watch the earlier Corbin Fisher bi-scenes. That’ll really piss you off.

  10. Von Schlomo says

    Trailer promo video for Defendi’s straight video:
    Is he gay, straight or bi? You could watch his performances, rely on what he advertises or maybe he’d even tell you what he believes, no bs posturing, but you’d still need a crystal ball or some other form of divination to know the Truth. Some say a person is whatever they say they are. I think this rule is apt enough for most situations, but porn is our fantasies so I think we get to decide. I’m a Defendi fan and I think he’s probably bi. Clearly, he loves the cock based on his many, many videos I’ve seen. He’s a great performer. Based on this one video doing a chic, he seemed very comfortable and natural bangin a chic.
    As for Etienne Pauliac, is there any other evidence implying that Nessa Devil is his real girlfriend? Or that they’re still together as this video was shot some time ago.

  11. Andre says

    I don’t get this reasoning that when a guy does gay porn but fucked even one woman he must be straight. But seriously if a straight guy can do it with a guy in front of the camera as many sites advertize, than there is no reason to believe that a gay guy couldn’t do the same with a woman. Porn is in one regard like any other job: you might enjoy it or you don’t but you need to get the job done.

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