Obviously Jimmy Fanz Is Impressed By Jeff Stryker’s Massive Penis

Presented Without Comment – Porn legend Jeff Stryker‘s live appearance at Boardwalk Bar, Fort Lauderdale with current porn stars Jimmy Fanz, Duncan Black and Bryan Cole. Pictures from @FabScoutHoward and Gay Sex After Dark.

Reaction on Jimmy Fanz’s face is priceless!

+ Jeff Stryker

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  1. sxg says

    Big dick or not, I can’t get into someone as ghoulish looking as Jeff Stryker. Sorry but dick size means nothing to me in porn if the guy isn’t attractive.

  2. ricky says

    jeff looks like he’s in his late 50’s. very late 50’s. the way he smiles in that photo of him alone makes him look like he’s afraid his dentures witll fall out. he must be desperate for money

  3. Darren says

    Yes, this is a horrible pic of Jeff. But, let’s try to be kind. Because time is going forward for ALL OF YOU!!! One day some snarky bitch is gonna be saying the same thing about you bitches!!! LOL!

  4. sxg says

    True Darren but regardless of what we look like now or later, we’re not the ones who are undressing ourselves in public. So therefore we are not opening ourselves up for criticisms. Size queens need to get over themselves and focus on the whole package.

    And personally I never found him that attractive, he just had a nicer body when he was younger.

  5. Chris says

    Honestly, Jeff might look older these days, but he still has a fit body, fat cock, and I’d still bend over and take him any day!!!… If he wants a young play thing to satisfy his gay needs… Tell him to contact me :)

  6. DD says

    I love how unabashedly gay Jimmy is, with his hungry eyes feasting on that huge cock. So hot! That’s why g4p just doesn’t do it for me. I watch porn for the passion, not the penis size.

  7. Willie says

    Why now? Why come out of retirement and expose yourself like that? Is he out of work and has debts? It must be bad for him because cigarettes and too much sun/tanning have eroded what was never a really good looking face.

  8. GreGG says

    Looks fine to me for his age. Was he suppose to look the way he looked in the ’80’s forever. Mind you I’m not into snide remarks about older people anyway. Mind you like the one about all the 30 yr olds these days in the Dr’s office with no sex life. What was that U said .. to many drugs and to little care of my body. Oh yah says the Doc.

  9. Olaf says

    I’m quite sure that 99% of the commenters pointing out his tired old face would crawl over broken glass to suck his dick

  10. says

    what was..jeff’s appearance? just curious ie did he just show up n sign autographs n pose naked? wonderin if he is plannin to jump back in. and yes..there would be an audience..ie the split decision on here.

  11. GRPR50 says

    I think Jeff’s as HOT as ever. Now he’s got that big-dicked Daddy look thing going on. Love it! I hope he makes some more gay movies. I hope he finally bends over and takes it up the ass. I would love to see that.

  12. Orestes says

    Poor bored fat faggots..Only on your wild dremas will age like him..After all things he has done….Is like the Mike Jagger of porn…Wish som many porn stars already death or destroyed were like him…

  13. Luca says

    @Orestes, what does it mean when a gay man on a porn site calls strangers “poor, bored, fat faggots?” You have absolutely no idea if the commenter is any of those things. Find a better outlet for your anger and resentment. It’s a blog, people have the right to comment, even if you don’t approve or agree.

  14. Topper35 says

    My god u would think none of us were ever going to age by some of the comments here. maybe he IS broke like so many people these days and has to earn a buck the only way he knows best, with his massive cock. As for g4p, it was all gay guys that lay down for him and all gay guys like me that loved watching him?

  15. DD says

    @Irish, I honestly don’t know. Just assumed he was gay since his mouth is clearly watering. I’ve actually never watched any of Jimmy’s scenes, so I was just assuming.

  16. IrishBoy says

    @DD – Funny, I swore I read it somewhere, but to be honest after a bit of research I can’t find a quote somewhere categorically saying he ISN’T gay. There’s still hope! :p Not like another favourite of mine, Josh Long, who makes it clear on his Twitter…

  17. Tom Moore says

    I must say that Jeff looks pretty good to me. He is suffering from bad makeup, bad lighting and bad judgment for allowing those pictures to be taken, but he’s a good looking man. His body looks amazing, and, at 56 I can tell you my body never looked that good and it certainly doesn’t now. For all the detractors and those with the mean-spirited old man comments: stop it. You’ll age one day, and all the Botox and night cream in the world won’t change that.

  18. Willie says

    Its not bad lighting or makeup. All three photos reveal the same flaws. His hairstyle is dated. The shape of his face isn’t that attractive. He hasn’t maintained his skin. If you want to be legendary, gay porn star you have to have more than a nice cock and body. I go for mature guys but in this case I can’t see whats appealing anymore.

  19. Orestes says

    Hello Luca, you are right at some point, Faggot is a word we should not use, in fact i prefer to consider myself like faggot , gay is a ” modern pollite word” wich sounds full of hipocresy in so many mouces..Pooor bored fagots was the shortest way I found to say:
    Insensitev asholes unable to see more than flesh in that people, wich respectless barking contribute on the disgrace of so many people…We, who still are prosecuted, killed, just for being homosexual humans, should be more sensitive with abuses, with people under presure, with bad luck..I really admire male beauty on all its forms, think is terrible the way some many of porn stars ends…Joey Stefano, Kurt Marshall, Brent Corrigan..But no..,They are shity paid, on shity conditions most of the time..We are responsible citicens, and should support them. Isn´t a drawn wich appear here, are human people. Talking about them like that, put you on a very low level…But that is very long..And I thought poor bored faggot was a good resume. Sorry.

  20. says

    Indudablemente la mala vida de excesos y drogas, hizo estragos en la cara de Stryker. Es una pena que no se haya cuidado en todos estos años.

  21. Ken says

    I’d like to see Jeff in a PRISON SCENE beating and raping Rafael Alenhore, the way Rafael does to The young boys. At least Jeff would be really nasty and not have “DAT ACCENT.” And be believable. Jeff looks like the son of ELVIS, deep-fried.

  22. says

    Oh you guys, didn’t your parents teach you if you have nothing good to say …bla bla. Note these look like cell phone photo’s with poor lighting and 50 years old in Porn years is really 60…lol. But, I do remember many a pleasurable nights watching Jeff and for that I’m truly grateful.

  23. Perren says

    Who cares if he looks older (he is after all) his bod is still hot as hell and his cock could still choke a fucking horse, and besides that it was never his face that guys (myself included) paid any attention to anyway.

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