Power Top WILL HELM Gets Fucked Hard By PADDY O’BRIAN

I almost forgot about this scene. Four month ago, I mentioned on my blog that Paddy O’Brian shot a scene with Will Helm for UK NAKED MEN.

It’s the second time power top porn star Will Helm bottoms on camera. The first time was the flip flop fuck between Will Helm and Marco Sessions filmed on Mykonos by Lucas Entertainment.

In this scene from UK Naked Men Will Helm gets fucked hard by Paddy O’Brian in a very bright and white prison cell.

+ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Will Helm


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  1. mich says

    I adore Will Helm in nearly everything I have seen him in. Pity though about the lame and listless top in this scene. Will would have deserved someone better.

  2. trex says

    Will deserves a lot better. Looks like Will had wood problems and who wouldn’t working with a guy who won’t even touch your cock. Really hope to see Will bottoming again soon and paired with a guy who can create some mutual heat.

  3. Jeff says

    I really do think some of you guys have not seen this scene before commenting it… I have and I can tell you Paddy is one of the best tops in gay porn.
    I know some of you guys don’t like him because he’s G4P but you can’t say is not good in this scene

  4. milos says

    This looks really good. Is it true that there is maybe one or two guys doing all of this anti-str8 propaganda in comments sections? Weird, get a life.

  5. Anderson says

    @Jeff I saw this and others scenes with Paddy O’Brian. Sorry, he’s not a good top. Maybe your taste is less demanding than mine…
    @milos I didn’t understand your “get a life” statement. Criticizing or praising, comments are equals. If the critics don’t get a life, yes-man people, like you, don’t get one too.

  6. bachus27 says

    same old scenes in prison.. bottom has a normal ass, ad top just chartismatic like my cat so boff..for G4P: i really don’t care as all actors are doing porn for money, so gy or straight i’m not watching porn to find a boyfriend..

  7. just me says

    I’m glad Paddy is doing his thing more power to him. Paddy don’t mind the queen haters out there lots of fans luv you still ; )

  8. Dan says

    I’m really not a fan of G4P actors. Never have been. HOWEVER… despite that, Paddy O’Brian is one hot and sexy fucker and he does seem more than mechanical in this video with Will Helm. Why is everybody on Paddy’s case when the problem could lie with “diva” Helm? Helm has never turned me on in any of his past endeavors. He wasn’t all that convincing as a top in his earlier efforts having projected way too much “queen” in them. I’ve also read a lot about his attitude problems around fans and others. Don’t these so-called male porn stars know that gay buyers will drop them quicker than rat shit with their actions?

  9. dvlaries says

    Paddy O’Brian is probably the hottest thing on two legs right now, nearly physically perfect and always sexually adept. And … meh.

    Some big name -we’ll never know which- had to step aside to make room in the constellation for him, just as O’Brian himself will eventually be pushed aside for the Next Big Noise, who is probably being groomed as we speak.

    They’re here and they’re gone in a couple of years, folding back into their real names and whatever anonymous lives they put on hold, and are never heard from again unless they end up in jail or meet some spectacularly untimely demise.

    Bizarrely, porn is the one arm of show business, where both performer and audience know, going in, that the last stop is going to be abandonment by both parties. Whatever vision Fred Halsted and Joe Gage had in mind when they pioneered the form, has long since been abandoned for factory-style uniformity and production schedules.

  10. fred says

    paddy OB is a big bore, can’t even kiss but Wilhelm is an extremely hot looking and hot bottom bitch, he should ALWAYS bottom! Great kisser too, paddy can’t even fake it

  11. andrew says

    Now that Will has given it up to Paddy, he knows the pleasure of bottoming. I have little doubt that he will be bottoming more often. Once a guy gets plowed by a hot stud like Paddy, they usually want more cock.

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