Bel Ami Stud KRIS EVANS Fucked by Manuel Rios & Vadim Farrell

Bel Ami Stud Kris Evans has been topping all the boys of Bel Ami since joining the team. But sooner or later every top has his day on the bottom and Kris’s has finally come. For Kris’s first time on bottom they paired him with 2 of muscle studs with huge uncut cocks Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell!

The scene was divided into two parts. In the first part, Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell take turns fucking Manuel Rios. Manuel cums while getting fucked and Kris cums in Mauel’s mouth.

The highlight is in the second part when muscular stud Kris Evans gets fucked by both Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell. The video ends with Manuel and Vadim all cum into Kris Evans’ mouth!


Hot Jock Tyler Andrews Gets Fucked at Club Jeremy Hall

Yesterday, I showed you guys Tyler Andrews‘ new video from OUT IN PUBLIC where he fucks a guy on a bus behind other passengers. This hottie Tyler Andrews has fucked Tucker Vaughn at Hot House Live Show, Jeremy Lange at Suite 703, Zach Alexander at Cocksure Men and Club Jason Sparks.

Today Tyler Andrews makes his bottoming debut on CLUBJEREMYHALL.COM. He bottoms in Afternoon Threeway with Nate and Chad. Everyone fucks and gets fucked in this video.


Steven Daigle Sucks Erik Rhodes [Snap Shot] on Your Desktop

You saw the trailer, now you can watch Erik Rhodes‘ directorial debut RHODES’ RULES in its entirety at FALCON XXX. He also directs his second movie for Mustang Studios titled Crotch Rocket starring Samuel Colt, Arpad Miklos, Alessio Romero, Conner Habib, Drew Cutler, Cameron Adams, Sean Everett, Sean Stavos and Brenn Wyson.

For those of you who want to watch Erik Rhodes‘ muscular body in action, he tops Steven Daigle in Falcon Studios‘ upcoming movie Snap Shot. The movie’s not released yet but you can have them on your desktop (if you dare) because Falcon released June Desktop Calendar featuring big picture of Steven Daigle sucking Erik Rhodes’ cock.


Bodybuilders Vince Ferelli and Derek Pain Tied Up and Fucked

Kinky video is not my thing but this scene from BOUND GODS caught my attention because 1. It features two bodybuilders Vince Ferelli and Derek Pain (OK, I admit it, I’m attracted to anything with Vince Ferelli in it). And 2. I think that “rope work” that shape like wings looks cool in a dark and twisted fantasy kind of way. This video has a unique imagery that I want to see more. Oh, and watching hottie Christian Wilde in skin-tight outfit with rock-hard cock is nice too.

Too bad Vince Ferelli is the only one bottoms in this video. About his next porn project, I heard that he will work with Next Door Studios! I hope they will make a video of him getting fucked by Tommy D 😉


Grabbys / IML Weekend 2010 Round Up Part 2

Austin Wilde and Jeremy Bilding kiss, Vince Ferelli Erik Rhodes Kaden Saylor and men of Active Duty shirtless

I’ve found more photos from Grabbys / IML Weekend 2010 and I share links to these hot porn star photos below along with some videos for this event (mostly from Hunter Lounger).

Thanks every bloggers for pictures of shirtless guys and coverage of this event. Vince Ferelli and Riley Price look nice. Kaden Saylor and the gang of Active Duty models are the hottest group to me. Now could anybody explain to me why John Magnum had to wear a wig?


Bel Ami Models Ennio Guardi & Milo Peters Fuck – Muscle Boy Fun

Muscle man might not be the first thing that come to your mind when you think about Bel Ami. But I like that they feature more muscle boy on BELAMIONLINE.COM.

Catch a rare sight, Milo Peters without his twin brother Elijah. Milo & Elijah hit it off instantly with Ennio Guardi in South Africa and became fast friends. Milo & Ennio spend some time flexing and posing for each other, but soon enough they are horny and ready for action. Check out the latest video Ennio Guardi Fucks Milo Peters.

Oh, and did any of you heard the rumor that George Duroy has sold Bel Ami to Marty Stevens?


Grabbys Weekend 2010 Round Up + List of Award Winners

It’s the Grabbys Weekend in Chicago. Tons of gay porn stars are there and Chris Porter just tweet that a store next to their hotel just sold out of enemas LOL!

Bodybuilder Vince Ferelli won Hottest Bottom award (HOORAY!) his acceptance speech – “I love all you guys who have and will be fucking my ass.” [source]. I LOVE that and I’m glad RANDYBLUE.COM won Best Web Based Porn Site.

Raging Stallion’s Focus/Refocus won won Best Movie, Taken to the lowest level won Best All Sex Movie, Skuff 4 won Best Leather Movie, Whorrey Potter won Best Comedy and Men of Israel won Best International Movie.

Cole Streets took home Best Actor award. Best Supporting Actor goes to David Taylor and Diesel Washington. Adam Killian and Tony Buff are Performer Of The Year while Austin Wilde are Samuel Colt are Best Newcomer.



I posted some behind the scenes photos from Jet Set Men latest movie titled POLICE ACADEMY GANGBANG two weeks ago. Today I’ve found these first official photos from this movie on Jet Set Men Blog. This movie looks really HOT!

POLICE ACADEMY GANGBANG has 3 sex scenes: Jet Set Exclusive porn star Landon Mycles gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio, Jason Adonis fucks Marcus Steele and the final orgy/gangbang scene with Landon Mycles’ best buddy from Next Door Studios and fellow Jet Set Exclusive Dylan Roberts as the “lucky” bottom boy. Good for him! Since he was left out of Pizza Boy Gangbang while his buddy Landon Mycles got all the attention LOL!


BEL AMI’s Largest 27 BOY CIRCLE JERK Has Arrived

The record breaking 27 Boy Circle Jerk from Bel Ami’s “on location” porn shoot in South Africa has arrived. 27 hot Bel Ami boys, 27 big cocks and 27 cumshots! See over 18 feet of cock and 27 boys helping each other out. This video comes in 2 parts, the second part – 27 cumshots – will be released on BELAMIONLINE.COM tomorrow.

Oh, and if all this circle jerk scene is not your thing… Relax! I heard Bel Ami has a big Orgy video shot in South Africa coming later this year.


Jarrett Rex is Back to Gay Porn (And Fuck Benjamin Bradley)

Back in March, my eagle-eyed reader spotted Randy Blue model JARRETT REX aka Akoni on Oxygen’s reality show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. He only had done 1 man-on-man video, an oral scene with Reese Rideout, at that time.

Well, just two months after his appearance on reality show and his porn career was exposed on Perez Hilton blog, Jarrett Rex is back to gay porn (after two years hiatus). This time Jarrett Rex Fucks Benjamin Bradley. It’s his first anal scene!

And since Jarrett Rex used to practice with sex toy back in 2007, he fucked himself with a dildo in one of his videos. I hope we will see Jarrett Rex get fucked in the near future.


Cameron Marshall with Boyfriend Topher DiMaggio & Kyle York

This week, fans of Cameron Marshall can watch 2 videos starring this hottie. At 3D porn website DOMINIC FORD, Cameron Marshall was pair with equally hot stud Topher DiMaggio (He starred in Randy Blue videos and upcoming Police Academy Gangbang). They also announced that they are boyfriends and Dominic Ford is the first company film them as a couple. Cameron Marshall bottoms for Topher DiMaggio in this video.

And for those who want to see Cameron tops, go to SUITE 703. They release 4 new videos each week and one of them is a flip flop fuck scene between Cameron Marshall and Kyle York. I love Kyle York’s performance in Key West Vacation and happy to see him back doing more gay porn.