TOPHER DIMAGGIO Is The Lucky Top Who Fucks Paddy O’Brian

Finally! It’s time to reveal the lucky top who fucks porn star Paddy O’Brian for the first time in his bottoming debut “Top to Bottom 2.” Many of you have nailed it :-) The top is gay porn star Topher DiMaggio!

If you follow my blog, you knew that Topher DiMaggio was in UK this past May filming for, I published a photo of Topher and cum-covered British porn star Kayden Gray. did flew Topher across the ocean to Birmingham for a specific reason, to top Paddy O’Brian.

Actually, I did published one behind the scenes photo of this scene on May 22th, remember? That photo showed Paddy with director Laura and just legs of his co-star. I asked you guys to guess his co-star. Now you know the answer 😉

MEN.COM has just released the second (from the total of 4) preview clip for the video Top to Bottom 2. This one is an extended trailer and reveals the top as Topher DiMaggio who tops Paddy O’Brian.

Paddy O’Brian and Topher DiMaggio on set of (May 22th)

Topher DiMaggio in Birmingham filming with Kayden Gray (May 25th)

+ Top To Bottom Part 2 – TOPHER DIMAGGIO Fucks PADDY O’BRIAN



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  1. says

    This preview was totally set up as a publicity stunt to attract more attention to Paddy bottoming for Topher! That contract for Paddy to bottom was set long before Topher left the US! Don’t believe that Paddy didn’t get a lot more than just a meal for bottoming instead of his usual fee for topping!

  2. George says

    Topher in real life has probably bottomed many more times than he has topped on screen. As Alan MarcoManuel correctly says the Porn world is fake and models perform to script and there is much illusion!!

  3. chad123 says

    Topher is hot,muscular and hung. If Topher doesn’t fit the mold of the ugly butch top some of you queens demand, then good for Topher and his fans! He is an incredible top and this will be a sizzling scene. Highly anticipated by both Paddy & Topher’s fans. The rest of you can go back to your needle point knitting and be the nice little cat ladies your neighborhood knows you as…!

  4. manu says

    Oh my God a porn scene with a scenario that does not exactly fit reality!! What were they thinking!!?
    I think some of you guys are just bitching for the sake of it, of course Paddy knew he would be bottoming , of course they didn’t fly Topher to the UK without knowing what the fuck he was going to do.
    Bottoming requires preparation, especially when it’s your first time I assume, so you couldn’t seriously expect things to play along the lines of what happens in this video, could you?
    Fiction plays a part in a fantasy – SHOCKING!!

  5. Iverson says

    Oh please! Topher is nobody’s uber top. More like a caricature. He can gain all the muscles in the world, he’s still a lackluster performer.

  6. George says

    Its Topher that’s the big queen, just
    look at his opening camp statements and bad acting in the latest preview of this video that was released today by Men.Com. Like others here I don’t like being conned but I’m certainly not conned by Topher. Anyway Men.Com are probably preparing Topher like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be topped so both they and he can make a big payday.

  7. andrew says

    If Top Man Topher needed someone to lick the sweat of his muscular body after his gym workout, the Topher haters would trip all over each other running to do that job. Sorry guys, I would run a lot faster than you to get that awesome job!!!

  8. manu says

    Lol Andrew I agree somehow all of the hate he receives seems to be because he’s too pretty for his own good!
    Never met him, not interested in tops, but he’s gorgeous especially with a dick in his mouth.
    Also he does pluck his eyebrows but I wouldn’t say that they are fem. He could have gone WAY overboard and they are still quite thick, although I’d like to know what he looks like with a more natural look.
    And don’t start me on some twitter or facebook drama, I’m afraid I don’t give 2 shits!!

  9. carey579 says

    @thyxip I would kill to see Jake Cruise fuck Paddy! :DDD

    I love seeing gorgeous men fuck/being fucked by ugly men, just like straight porn pairs gorgeous women with ugly guys.

    Let’s add more kink in gay porn!

  10. Colin says

    Look at Matt Sizemore, he was a total top before his first retirement. Now since he returned he has proven to be so versatile that I lost count on how many bottoming scenes he has had!

  11. George says

    Just noticed in above story that Men.Com flew Topher over to Birmingham in the UK to do the video shooting, that is a grim city. They can’t think that highly of him or they would have brought him to London, but that would have cost much more.

  12. albert says

    I don’t know why they choose that Topherito guy, I look 100 times better than him, he doesn’t look masculine at all, when he walks in he looks like a flamboyant. Paddy deserves a better handsome man, masculine, mature to submit him.

    I want to see Paddy O’Brian having sex with my men list

    Brad Star
    Rod Daily
    Scott Carter
    Landon Mycles
    Will Helm
    Sean Lawrence
    Drew Cutler
    Girth Brooks
    Rusty Stevens
    Paul Wagner

  13. albert says

    I want to see Paddy O’Brian having sex with my men list

    Brad Star
    Rod Daily
    Scott Carter
    Landon Mycles
    Will Helm
    Sean Lawrence
    Drew Cutler
    Girth Brooks
    Rusty Stevens
    Paul Wagner

    Jake Genesis

  14. albert says

    Why Cody Cumming and Paddy make a movie together, that will be an explosion with a good script something like brothers in law, or my cousin, or my step-brother, or my enemy, a love story movie, rivals, etc. Porno companies don’t think there is to much to create with this artist of the porno.
    a movie with Sergi Serrano will be a hit

  15. andrew says

    Check out the last comment by poor George. He is really searching to find negative things to say about the beautiful muscular total topman TOPHER DiMaggio. flew The Topher Man to Birmingham instead of London. LOL LOL LOL!!!

  16. Trojan says

    Majorly dissapointed to see Paddy fucked. Its spoiled my idea of him as a top stud. The only thing that could re-deem my fantasy is to see him totally slaughtered in a 10 stud black gangbang. Now that takes a real man. How’s about it Paddy?

  17. says

    Its very horny moment to see a top or str8 man getting bttm for me. but the movie is dissepointing. topher is a nice guy but i always prefer tougher guy for paddy

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