MEN.COM Introduces Ben Stark, Jake Stewart, Trent Stevens & A Sneak Peek for Fans of Zeb Atlas, Rocco Reed, Marcus Ruhl

MEN.COM the daily-updated porn site just added a new feature – Behind the Scenes, Auditions & Bloopers:

Men Behind the Scenes lets you get up close and personal with your favorite pornstars. We bring you all the behind the scenes action, bloopers, interviews, auditions and more. Find out what really happens on the set of your favorite shoots!

For the audition videos MEN.COM introduces 3 hot models Ben Stark, Jake Stewart, and Trent Stevens. Check out their pictures below.

And I have some great news for fans of Marcus Ruhl, Zeb Atlas and Rocco Reed. As I reported earlier, Zeb Atlas and Marcus Ruhl was working with MEN.COM. Below are a sneak peek to their hot scenes coming in September!

Ben Stark

Jake Stewart

Trent Stevens



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  1. MarcoManuel says

    Will gay men ever believe that Rocco is gay?

    Is Rocco just another gay for pay men who just want money from gay men?

    Is it really possible for a man who did straight porn for years to all of a sudden is making gay porn?

    I dont believe that Rocco is gay.Rocco is most likely bi.Like most gay porn stars.

    Once Rocco reveals that he is bi,gay men will loose interest in him.Because somebody said that Rocco came out as a gay man.Theres still no proof of that.

    Rocco will make porn for only a couple of months.Which looks dodgy.Why for no longer than that?Because he will return straight porn?

    Rocco really fit the gay for pay image.He looks like any gay for pay men you see in gay for pay sites.You could basically say that Rocco have a gay for pay body and a a gay for pay face.

    Some gay men still seems to believe that Rocco is gay.Wishful thinking is really a popular thing with gay men.Too much gay men falls in the wishful thinking trap.Gay men are full of it.

    Rocco is gay?

    I dont buy it.

  2. sxg says

    Is that Chip Tanner getting fucked by Zeb Atlas??? I do love that 69 pose. Just as well that Chip moves onto another studio he doesn’t get booked for anything these days at Randy Blue, and he’s barely ever on webcam.

  3. Gnormie says

    I don’t care what orientation a star is as long as they do at least the bare minimum in gay porn.

    If you like pussy great…but if you do gay porn you need to suck a cock or fuck an ass or something. Do that and I’m fine. I’d be fine with Osama and Hitler working in gay porn if they took one for the team…and you know…were still alive.

    I agree with everybody about Cody Cummings and people worse than him like Mark Dalton. They don’t give even the bare minimum.

  4. manu says

    No it’s not Chip Tanner on the pics with Zeb Atlas. Does anybody know if he got the stripper job he wanted btw? :p
    Looking forward to seeing Rocco bottoming 😉
    The beard suits Marcus Ruhl well he looks less like Reverend Steve Newlin when he has it .

  5. C says

    Rocco Looks hot and cannot wait for his new scene. Colby J looks hot. Chip looks hot I hope he does more work and he still gets to be piggy…ALOT more piggy. Ben, jake and Trent look good. Esp Ben. I look forward to seeing him in action. The sad thing is that Men has not been consistent in giving us hot scenes. I hope step up and bring us more quality videos worth seeing.

  6. JuanDiego978 says

    @Gnormie “I’d be fine with Osama and Hitler working in gay porn if they took one for the team…and you know…were still alive”.
    LOL, that was hilarious!!!. Good point.

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