Oh My Godfre – Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre

Benjamin Godfre has recently relaunched his website BENJAMINGORFRE.COM. And he started off the new website with the sexy black and white nude images of himself and Big Brother 5 contestant Will Wikle (I think it would be hotter if he had taken nude photos with his bro Simon Dexter)

Falcon Studios also released the first scene, Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre, from OH MY GODFRE (Watch preview trailer here).

+ Oh My Godfre: Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre


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  1. GreGG says

    Remember seeing Godfre doin’ skateboardin’ vids and postin’ em on his site for the love of it. Nice to see it advance into this. A natural act that so many of us can relate to.. Proof you don’t have to perform an all and out slut session to get points. BTW … U look awesome !!

  2. David says

    No interest in seeing a straight guy like this glorified when all he will do is jerk off. He was never a mainstream “model” and he frankly he isn’t that hot. Go to brooklyn and you’ll see a million guys who look just like this.

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