Paddy O’Brian Fucks Marc Dylan, Jimmy Fanz and Scott Hunter

Some treats for fans of Paddy O’Brian :-)

Check out the preview pictures from Falcon’s upcoming movie SUMMER LUST. Paddy O’Brian fucks Marc Dylan and Jimmy Fanz in this one. And you can watch Paddy fucks muscle bottom Scott Hunter at World of Men and gets tied up at Bound Jocks.

+ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Scott Hunter



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+ Paddy O’Brian


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  1. Fredisdead says

    Paddy is hot but i kinda wish he didn’t speak not because he off obnoxious something about his voice just throws me off

  2. trex says

    Exactly how does he “keep gettin’ better”???
    Based on that preview he still won’t kiss or suck a cock or even touch his partner’s cock. Why is that “hot.” Is that really what you guys want in a partner? If it is that’s pretty sad. In this same movie we have D.O. who objectively is far better looking ( he’s a successful male fashion model), who does everything except get fucked, and is far more into the sex (he is gay after all) than the gay for pay Paddy. The fact that Paddy and not D.O is the “big star” here says a lot, and nothing good, about the gay porn studios that promote and the gay men who lust after “stars” like Paddy.

  3. Trouty Mouth says

    The falcon movies all look the same now. There’s nothing different about any of them. 4 scenes. A B C. ZZZzzzzz

  4. Devonasa says


    I couldn’t agree more about D.O., he is without a doubt the MOST attractive man in porn, and an amazing performer. Your comment about he needing to be the “big star” over Paddy, was spot on.

  5. asswip says

    Love Paddy, Love Marc. Great Balance. Marc Dylan has always been great and Paddy O’Brian is getting better scene by scene if you look at dates of production.

  6. MarcoManuel says

    DO is a hot man.But he is not a good performer.Most of the time he looks bored with any of the men he have sex with.Even if they are hot.You can see that he is not into it.In some of his movies,he basically looks like a gay for pay man.

    He looks like he doesnt want to be there and just want to get done with it and get the fuck out.His Raging Stallion movies are hard to watch because of that.Sometimes he even looks pissed.He have that very serious look.He barely smile.His look really is his strongest side.

    Paddy seems to be 1 of the only gay for pay in this movie.Most of the cast seems to be gay men.Which is rare for a Falcon movie who mostly have bi men.

  7. rioss78 says

    i don’t like watching paddy’s action videos but there are couple of them where he is fucking his hairy hole with a lot dildos, and he is quite insatiable doing it… do is ok, but prefer paddy’s look..

  8. Tom says

    I wonder if even Marc Dylan knows how many guys have fucked his ass by this time. Has he hit the Guinness Book of World Records level yet? Has anyone in porn been fucked more often? Marc, you are one hot bottom babe, but I do believe it’s my turn. Please…:)

  9. mich says

    The pics and trailer from Paddy’s scene with Scott Hunter look as if he is doing what he can do best: standing there looking disinterested in the guy before him, letting the bottom boy do everything, no interaction, touching only if absolutely necessary. He is a wooden performer. If one really wants to watch performances with guys who have no chemistry whatsoever the websites which focus on turning “straight” guys are much better. There the lack of reciprocating is at least part of the program.

  10. ugh says

    I’m so tired of Paddy. His performances are stale and he doesn’t reciprocate. If I’m going to watch a strict top, then at the very least, he better suck a lot dick. I don’t get his appeal either. He’s handsome but not super hot.

  11. says

    Give Paddy some time, and pretty soon he’ll be getting fucked. So far most of the g4p guys always start out looking grossed out or bored, but I think eventually they get told to take it up a notch or their career won’t last too long.

  12. david says

    Marc Dylan has probably has one of the most beautiful asses I’ve ever seen, but his moaning sounds robotic.

    If he’s really gay and a bottom, why doesn’t he act like he’s enjoying getting slammed?

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