Porn Sneak Peek: Paddy O’Brian, Taylor Scott, Diego Lauzen, Christian Wilde, Mitchell Rock, Donato Reyes, Trenton Ducati

The blogger at Queer Pig discovered that British porn star Paddy O’Brian and D.O. were shooting porn with Lucas Entertainment last week from the picture that Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi posted on his Facebook.

And in this edition of Porn Sneak Peek, check out pictures gay porn stars Diego Lauzen, Christian Wilde, Trenton Ducati, Francesco D’Macho, Mitchell Rock and Taylor Scott teased us.


Porn Stars D.O. and Edji Da Silva Take Turns Fucking Each Other

Following two hot previous flip flop fuck scenes between D.O. with Trenton Ducati and Hot Rod, today LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT releases the third scene. This time D.O. bottoms for Lucas exclusive Edji Da Silva!

Check out the XXX preview video below, it’s a very hot flip fuck scene! And for fans of Edji Da Silva, you can also watch Edji pisses on and fucks Taylor Scott at Lucas Raunch. It’s the scene from new movie The Wetter The Better. This scene also marks the porn debut of Taylor Scott, the hot newcomer I met during my UK trip :-)


Porn Sneak Peek: Diesel O’Green, Diego Lauzen, Ricky Roman, Anthony Romero, Robbie Rimmer, Leo Domenico, JP Dubois

Last week, I posted some behind the scenes pictures of Leo Domenico and Lucas Fox on the set of Kristen Bjorn. Today I have some more sneak peek from this Kristen Bjorn’s shoot in Sitges, Spain for you guys. And I think it’s gonna be a hot scene!

Diesel O’Green just shared some behind the scenes photos on his Twitter. Diesel is doing a three-way with hot Latino couple Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria (his porn last name is Vittoria not Victoria).

And in this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” Check out some sexy behind the scenes photos from Cocky Boys‘ upcoming The Haunting: Into The Woods, Chi Chi LaRue shooting porn in London and Austin Wilde / Anthony Romero are working hard for their porn site and shooting with newcomer Robbie Rimmer.


Porn Sneak Peek: Diesel O’Green, Diego, Jake Genesis, Leo Domenico, Paddy O’Brian, Rogan Richards, Taylor Scott

In this edition of Porn Sneak Peek, I take you behind the scenes of porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Taylor Scott, Rogan Richards shooting porn with Mike Esser, Jake Genesis with newcomer Jay Bentley for Titan Men, Diesel O’Green, Leo Domenico, James Carter, Seth Knight and Sam Barclay are working with new porn site UK Hot Jocks and porn couple Diego & Wagner were on the set of … well, I have no idea what studio they were working with, sorry.

Diesel O’Green tweeted the picture above on October 4th with the message “fucking some hot tanned Latino ass.” It shows Diesel in a red room with a samurai sword as a prop. The fun thing is, hot Latino porn couple Diego and Wagner also posted pictures of themselves in that same red room on their Facebook. Does this mean Diego or Wagner was that “hot tanned Latino ass” Diesel mentioned? And what porn studio were they shooting with? MEN.COM? Stag Homme Studios? Kristen Bjorn? Let’s the guessing game begins.


Exclusive: On The MEN.COM Set with Jay Roberts & Taylor Scott

Last week, when I was in London, I got this surprising message from porn star Jay Roberts inviting me to his porn shoot with MEN.COM. Needless to say, I was so excited! I met him at London Euston station and took a train with him to the studio in Birmingham.

Jay Roberts is a very sweet gentleman. He’s a lot taller and more muscular in real life.

They were shooting a scene for The Gay Office and Jay’s scene partner was this hot newcomer named Taylor Scott. Taylor shot one scene with Edji Da Silva for Lucas Entertainment and this is his second porn scene! Both Jay and Taylor are great performers and they are really into each other. Wait till you see the full video, Jay fucks the cum out of Taylor!

Everyone on the set was very nice to me. Jay and Taylor also did a cute shout out video to Queer Me Now readers. You can watch a sneak peek behind the scenes below.

And check out more behind the scenes stuffs from Jay Roberts himself in these blog posts – The Week of XXX, Damir’s Cherry is Mine and When Rogan Richards Flexes.


Queer Me Now Is On Vacation In UK

Hey guys! Just in case you haven’t followed my Twitter, I’m on vacation in London at the moment. So… SORRY if the blog doesn’t as update as it should be.

One great thing about being a porn blogger, is that I get chances to hang out with so many hot guys WAY out of my league :-) The first surprise of my London trip was that I had a fun night out with Chris, the senior production manager at Lucas Entertainment and sexy porn star Marco Sessions! Marco is very hot, sweet and his body is amazing! I don’t know why someone tried to start a rumor that he’s gay 4 pay. NOOOO He’s GAY!

Surprise #2 Yesterday, I was invited by porn star Jay Roberts and MEN.COM team here in UK to their porn shoot! That means I had a chance to spend time on the train from London to Birmingham with Jay Roberts :-) I had so much fun!

They were shooting a scene with new porn model Taylor Scott and it’s just his second porn shoot ever! (The first one was with Lucas Entertainment) And of course, I have plenty of pictures and videos from the shoot. I just need time to edit them :-(